How will commercial insurance protect a business in Ohio?

Hilliard, OH continues to be an excellent place to be a small business owner. In this region of the state, there is a strong economy and a lot of support for small businesses. As you are looking to grow a business in this area, it would be helpful to get the right insurance for it. A commercial insurance policy will help to protect a business in this part of the state in several ways. 

Protect Commercial Assets

An advantage of carrying commercial coverage is that it will ensure any assets owned by your company are covered and insured. Anyone who owns a business here will have to invest in various commercial assets to build and grow the business. Getting a commercial insurance plan can help ensure they are adequately covered and can be replaced if you incur a loss due to fire, theft, or other forms of damage. 

Reduce Liability Risk

Business owners in Ohio always need to consider their commercial liability risks. If you are found liable for losses incurred by another party, it could threaten the viability of your business. If you get a commercial insurance plan, it will offer you some liability support and coverage. This will help to reduce and mitigate this risk. 

A business owner in the Hilliard, OH area should always ensure that they have the right insurance in place. Once you are ready to start looking for coverage in this region, calling the Stanley Insurance Group is an excellent place to start. The Stanley Insurance Group understands the value of this coverage and will offer the support you need to build a proper plan. This can help ensure your company remains appropriately insured and covered. 

Why Choose an Umbrella Insurance Policy in Hilliard OH?

Like most people in Hilliard, OH, you probably have auto and homeowner’s insurance. But have you ever considered umbrella insurance?

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance protects you from significant financial losses. It can help cover the costs of legal fees, damages, and medical bills if you’re sued or held liable for an accident.

Why Choose an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

There are several reasons umbrella insurance is a good idea. First, it can provide you with peace of mind. You’ll know that you’re covered if you’re ever sued or held liable for an accident. Second, it can save you money in the long run. Umbrella insurance can help you avoid paying out of pocket for expensive legal fees, damages, and medical bills.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance works by providing you with additional liability coverage. This means that if you’re ever sued or held liable for any accident, your umbrella policy will pay for the costs of legal fees, damages, and medical bills.

Your Stanley Insurance Group agent can help you choose the right umbrella insurance policy for your needs.

When Should You Get Umbrella Insurance?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best time to get umbrella insurance is when you feel you need it. For example, if you have a lot of assets, such as a home, savings, and investments, you may want to consider umbrella insurance.

If you have any questions about umbrella insurance in Hilliard, OH, or want to get a quote, contact Stanley Insurance Group today. We’ll be happy to help you find the right policy for your needs.

When do you need to update your condo insurance?

Stanley Insurance Group in Hilliard, OH always wants your condo to remain protected from loss. You might think of condo insurance as a once-and-done task, but many situations exist that would necessitate you to update your condo policy. Let’s talk about a few conditions that would require a condo insurance update.

If you add to your condo with built-ins or other permanent fixtures, you’ll need to update your condo insurance. You’ve altered or renovated your condo, and that increases its value. Your policy, however, covers the condo as it was when you purchased it. You need an updated policy that insures you for the full value of your condo using replacement value, not actual value.

If you purchase expensive jewelry, you’d need to update your policy. Unless you bought a separate jewelry policy, a rare occurrence, you’d need to put a rider or add-on onto your condo policy to protect your jewelry. The most common occurrence of this need is getting engaged or married. Your engagement and wedding rings typically have a high value, and you could not easily replace them out of pocket.

If you get married or have a roommate move in, you need to update your condo policy to cover their personal property. You bought your condo policy with enough coverage to pay for your own items, but having an additional person move in increases the amount of personal property and its value.

These are just a few situations where you would need to increase your condo policy coverage. Contact Stanley Insurance Group to update your Hilliard, OH condo policy. Call us today!

Benefits of life insurance as you get older

Stanley Insurance Group is here for the families in our greater Hilliard, OH community. If you are no longer the parent of young children, there are still several benefits to having a life insurance policy.

The benefits of life insurance can last a lifetime

Typically, people think of life insurance as protection if a parent of a young child has an untimely death. While it’s essential to have life insurance during that phase of your life, the benefits do not end as your children grow older. 

This is especially true when you opt for a permanent policy. Even term policies can provide benefits for your entire life, as they will help to defray the cost of burial and other end-of-life expenses.

With a permanent policy, you will have additional benefits. Yes, the death benefit is there for the policy’s life, but that’s not all. Many of these types of policies accumulate cash value when the policy is in place. These funds are available for you to use during your lifetime. 

For example, if you are looking for a way to pay for your child’s college tuition, you can potentially access the funds contained within the policy. You may accumulate funds and have them available for other living expenses such as a down payment, picking up the bill for a child’s wedding, or making your retirement more comfortable. 

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If you are a resident in the greater Hilliard, OH area, you can turn to Stanley Insurance Group for all of your insurance needs. Our team is here to answer all of your questions and help you find the coverage that you need. Call us today or stop by our office to find out more.

What Is Covered by Commercial Insurance?

If you currently own a small business in Hilliard, OH, you may be curious about what the benefits of a commercial insurance policy would be. Stanley Insurance Group says that a commercial insurance policy is designed to protect your business, your company’s assets, and your business’s future. Here is a little more information about what business insurance covers.

Liability Coverage

When running a business, a mistake can happen at any time. Of course, when a mistake results in the loss of money for your staff members or customers, you could be held liable for any related damages as well as legal fees. Liability coverage provides the funds needed to cover the expenses.

Property Coverage

If you have a storefront, then it is imperative you have property coverage. For example, if your building suffered a significant amount of damage, a commercial insurance policy can help take care of the costs of repair or replacement. Essential equipment is covered under this policy as well. However, it is important to understand that certain forms of damage may be excluded from your policy, so make sure you know what is and isn’t covered by your policy before purchasing.

Loss of Income Coverage

In order to be successful financially, you must generate income. However, if your business is deemed not operational for whatever reason, you will have no income coming in. Luckily, lost insurance coverage can supplement your income until you are able to open back up and begin to serve your customers once again. This can come in handy if your property requires repairs in order to operate again.

If you have any questions about commercial insurance in Hilliard, OH, or if you are ready to purchase a policy, contact our team at Stanley Insurance Group.

What Is Covered By Standard Commercial Insurance?

Operating your own business is not the easiest task. It requires a lot of time and effort to make your company prosper. Also, when you have your own business, you want to protect it, and one of the best ways to do it is to purchase commercial insurance. In order to help you understand how business insurance works, Stanley Insurance Group serving Hilliard, OH and other nearby areas prepared information on what exactly standard commercial insurance covers: 

What Does Standard Commercial Insurance Cover? 

Unlike other kinds of insurance that you can purchase for yourself, business insurance includes not only you as a business owner, but also your commercial property, equipment, and employees you hire. Therefore, the mission of commercial insurance is to protect not only you but your entire business. 

Standard commercial insurance will cover such things as commercial property damage, bodily injury, medical and legal expenses. Therefore, if a client slips and falls on a wet floor in your store, general liability will cover legal costs, as well as their medical expenses if there are any.  

If you have vehicles that you use for commercial purposes, you also probably carry commercial auto insurance, the purpose of which is to cover your cars. It is important to note that your standard auto insurance cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

Stanley Insurance Group – Success and Safety Of Your Business Is Our Priority

If you operate your business in Hilliard, OH or any other nearby location in the state of Ohio, and you are currently searching for commercial insurance to protect your business, you should contact Stanley Insurance Group. Our insurance agency specializes in different types of insurance, including business insurance as well. If you have any questions about insurance options available, feel free to give us a call – our qualified insurance agents are always ready to help. 

3 Situations Where Umbrella Insurance Is Necessary

Umbrella insurance is not a requirement, but that does not mean it is never a necessity. In fact, there are many instances in which umbrella insurance could be considered a necessity. Stanley Insurance Group, which serves Hilliard, OH, understands that there are situations where you want to plan ahead. If you are familiar with the need for umbrella insurance in these situations, you can plan ahead efficiently.

You Own Your Home

If you own property, you cannot control exactly what happens there. If you have guests over on a trampoline or in a swimming pool, they could become injured without warning. If you own property, you could be held responsible for these injuries, which could include expenses for medical bills or pain and suffering. Umbrella insurance covers some liability costs.

You Are a Landlord

The same applies if you rent out your property. You do not have much control over what happens on the property, so coverage can help you significantly. You want to make sure you are protected as the owner of the home, especially because your tenant’s renters insurance may not cover everything.

You Have a Young Driver in the Home

If you have a new or young driver on your insurance policy or driving your vehicles, you should consider umbrella insurance. This policy might provide protection if your teenager causes an accident that results in harm to others beyond the coverage your auto liability insurance allows.

Get Umbrella Insurance Today

Do you see yourself getting into any of these situations? Now is a great time to look into your insurance options. Speak with Stanley Insurance Group, a company serving Hilliard, OH, to learn more about umbrella insurance.

4 Benefits of Condo Insurance

If you own a condominium in Hilliard, OH, you are getting the best of two worlds: A home and the convenience of living in a strategic location. But as you enjoy your condo, don’t forget about condo insurance from Stanley Insurance Group.

But isn’t my property covered by condo owners’ association (COA) master policy? Whereas COA policy indeed covers you, it’s only limited to the exterior of your building and liabilities occurring in common areas. As such, any damage that occurs inside your dwelling is your headache. 

Benefits of condo insurance

Although condo insurance costs you a few extra pennies, it’s worth every coin. Here are the benefits of investing in condo insurance. 

Liability protection

While you always want a cordial relationship with your neighbors, mishaps can happen. For instance, your son can throw a ball, damaging your neighbor’s expensive window. Similarly, fire from your building can extend to other neighboring condos. 

In both instances, your condo insurance can come to your rescue. Otherwise, without condo insurance, you may have to finance the liability costs from your pocket.

Protection of your building’s interior

Condo insurance covers damage occurring on the inside of your building. This coverage protects your walls, floors, fixtures, and other fittings when disasters like fire, water damage, and others strike.

Personal property coverage

Since you value personal items like electronics, clothing, and furniture, it makes sense to protect them with condo insurance. Condo insurance compensates you when your assets are damaged or lost due to covered perils.

Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage

If a covered peril destroys your dwelling, condo insurance caters to additional living expenses you incur while in a temporal shelter, which could be a hotel or renting a similar unit like yours. 

If you want to avoid losing your money and assets, purchase condo insurance from Stanley Insurance Group. If you own a condo in Hilliard, OH, and its environs, please give us a call. We will help you purchase a condo insurance policy that fits your needs.  

How much life insurance is enough

The question of how much life insurance is enough is something most people struggle with. It is not as simple as saying a particular figure. The figure you come up with has to not only be affordable it has to make sense and provide protection to those you leave behind. It is your personal gift to your family which is why it is not like everyone else’s. At Stanley Insurance Group in Hilliard, OH we are an independent agency which means we work for our clients, not an insurance carrier, and we are able to provide the most choices. 

Buying life insurance is best done when you are young, but this is also the time when you probably have the least need of it. It does pose a dilemma. Buying term insurance doesn’t make sense since the term may run out before the time when you need it most. Whole life makes better sense at this point in your life since it will last an entire lifetime, but it is more expensive and that may figure as a deterrent. Your insurance agent can guide you to the best type of life insurance to set you up for the future. 

Your time of greatest need for life insurance will be when you have a young family. This is probably a 20 to 25-year period of your life. Term insurance can be had in 30-year terms which may make sense. You need to provide for the time when your children are growing up. Experts suggest from 7-10 years of salary as the ideal, but only you can decide how much life insurance will make your family feel secure knowing they will be protected if they lose your income. 

Contact Stanley Insurance Group in Hilliard, OH to discuss your life insurance requirements in person or on the phone.

Does my commercial insurance cover special events my company holds?

You might wonder what commercial insurance does for your business. Stanley Insurance Group wants you to understand the coverage provided by commercial liability and how to enhance its coverage with commercial special event insurance to protect your Hilliard, OH business when you host a conference, training, or other special events.

Whether you decide to co-sponsor a BBQ or you hold an employee awards banquet, you need liability coverage. Your business may already have a liability policy as a part of its business owner’s policy (BOP), or you might have purchased standalone liability coverage. This coverage does apply to any special event you hold, but you may find that the venue at which you choose to host the event expects you to purchase special event insurance, too.

We offer this special type of liability coverage. Your special event insurance policy only lasts the duration of the event day or days. For example, if you hold a banquet, the policy remains in effect the day of the event. If you hold a weekend retreat, the policy remains in effect for the three days of the activities – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

This inexpensive coverage provides for third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage occurring during the business-sponsored event. You do have to purchase the special event policy before your event occurs.

This doubles your protection. Your regular liability coverage still protects you. The special event coverage adds to that protection.

Of course, you hope nothing bad ever happens, but insurance can help protect you from the inevitable. Contact Stanley Insurance Group serving Hilliard, OH to obtain a policy before your next big event. Let us help you protect your business.