Does my commercial insurance cover special events my company holds?

You might wonder what commercial insurance does for your business. Stanley Insurance Group wants you to understand the coverage provided by commercial liability and how to enhance its coverage with commercial special event insurance to protect your Hilliard, OH business when you host a conference, training, or other special events.

Whether you decide to co-sponsor a BBQ or you hold an employee awards banquet, you need liability coverage. Your business may already have a liability policy as a part of its business owner’s policy (BOP), or you might have purchased standalone liability coverage. This coverage does apply to any special event you hold, but you may find that the venue at which you choose to host the event expects you to purchase special event insurance, too.

We offer this special type of liability coverage. Your special event insurance policy only lasts the duration of the event day or days. For example, if you hold a banquet, the policy remains in effect the day of the event. If you hold a weekend retreat, the policy remains in effect for the three days of the activities – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

This inexpensive coverage provides for third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage occurring during the business-sponsored event. You do have to purchase the special event policy before your event occurs.

This doubles your protection. Your regular liability coverage still protects you. The special event coverage adds to that protection.

Of course, you hope nothing bad ever happens, but insurance can help protect you from the inevitable. Contact Stanley Insurance Group serving Hilliard, OH to obtain a policy before your next big event. Let us help you protect your business.