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If you own a condominium in Hilliard or surrounding areas in Ohio, don’t forget about condo insurance from Stanley Insurance Group.

If you own a condominium in Hilliard, OH, you are getting the best of two worlds: A home and the convenience of living in a strategic location. But as you enjoy your condo, don’t forget about condo insurance from Stanley Insurance Group.

But isn’t my property covered by condo owners’ association (COA) master policy? Whereas COA policy indeed covers you, it’s only limited to the exterior of your building and liabilities occurring in common areas. As such, any damage that occurs inside your dwelling is your headache.

Benefits of condo insurance

Although condo insurance costs you a few extra pennies, it’s worth every coin. Here are the benefits of investing in condo insurance.

Liability protection

While you always want a cordial relationship with your neighbors, mishaps can happen. For instance, your son can throw a ball, damaging your neighbor’s expensive window. Similarly, fire from your building can extend to other neighboring condos.

In both instances, your condo insurance can come to your rescue. Otherwise, without condo insurance, you may have to finance the liability costs from your pocket.

Protection of your building’s interior

Condo insurance covers damage occurring on the inside of your building. This coverage protects your walls, floors, fixtures, and other fittings when disasters like fire, water damage, and others strike.

Personal property coverage

Since you value personal items like electronics, clothing, and furniture, it makes sense to protect them with condo insurance. Condo insurance compensates you when your assets are damaged or lost due to covered perils.

Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage

If a covered peril destroys your dwelling, condo insurance caters to additional living expenses you incur while in a temporal shelter, which could be a hotel or renting a similar unit like yours.

If you want to avoid losing your money and assets, purchase condo insurance from Stanley Insurance Group. If you own a condo in Hilliard, OH, and its environs, please give us a call. We will help you purchase a condo insurance policy that fits your needs.  

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