Benefits to my business of commercial insurance

As every business owner knows things can and do go wrong. No matter how hard you try and how well you monitor everything. inevitably something bad will happen. Having the right commercial insurance can lessen the devastation of any peril even if it can’t stop it. When it comes to choosing a commercial insurance policy having an insurance agent who knows your business and the risks you face is important. If you live in or near Hilliard, OH the Stanley Insurance Group has been providing trusted service for more than 35 years. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

Any business is vulnerable to being sued. It is just a fact of life. Knowing you have an insurance policy that will be there to help defray the cost of legal action against you makes it possible for you to sleep at night. Your insurance agent will ask you the right questions so the amount of risk your business faces will be adequately protected. If someone is injured while visiting your business or by a product you produce this insurance helps make sure you can continue to do business. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Not every peril is covered by commercial property insurance but some common ones are such as fire, wind, and theft. If you own the building the insurance will cover it but even if you rent this insurance is valuable. It covers other things that are necessary for you to do business including inventory, machinery, office equipment. 

Business Interruption Insurance

When a covered peril happens to your business and you are forced to close, having insurance that will pay your normal expenses and payroll is vital. It makes the difference between closing your doors for good and surviving. 

Commercial insurance has many benefits for your business. To learn more call Stanley Insurance Group in Hilliard, OH or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote.