3 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance in Hilliard, OH

Living in Hilliard OH means you probably have a car or truck to get you around. Overall, auto insurance is affordable and offers protection in the event of an accident, which in turn brings peace of mind. If you’re wondering whether you need auto insurance in Hilliard, OH, the answer is yes. Here’s why according to Stanley Insurance Group.

1. It’s Mandatory

Ohio state law, and every other state in the country, mandates that each driver has auto insurance before registering their vehicle and driving it. In the past, auto insurance wasn’t mandatory, which left a lot of uninsured drivers on the road. This was a nightmare for those who were in an accident not of their fault and where the other driver was uninsured. Today, however, everyone is required to have the minimum amount of coverage mandated by the state. Still, is this enough? That depends and is a good reason why you should opt for full coverage as the other driver may be underinsured at the time of the accident. 

2. Protection of Assets

Having auto insurance is a smart move. It means you’re protected if you get into an accident, no matter whose fault it is. As long as you’re not underinsured and cause an accident, you can be thankful knowing your assets are protected. An auto insurance policy will help protect you from liability, bodily injury, and more. 

3. Protection of Health

Injuries from car accidents are all too common. That’s why it’s important to be insured to protect your health if you’re injured. This insurance will also protect friends and family members who are in your vehicle at the time of an accident. 

To learn more about purchasing an auto insurance policy, contact the team at Stanley Insurance Group. Our friendly, reputable agents are standing by right now to take your call.