Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

As a resident of Hilliard, OH, the significance of having a functional car extends to your family and loved ones. It is, however, crucial to ensure that its service delivery remains high and for a long time to come, hence the need for insurance coverage. For this reason, understanding the types of auto insurance coverage becomes paramount. At Stanley Insurance Group, we will guide you on the types of auto insurance to consider.

Comprehensive Coverage

It is hard to know the risk factors associated with the car, passengers, or a third party while on the road. To prepare for the unforeseen incidences of life, you need coverage that will meet your future needs. Comprehensive coverage offers protection against any uncertainty or risk factor associated with you as a car owner.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage comes to your rescue in cases of accidents that occur due to your negligence or fault. This type of auto insurance covers the repair or replacement costs of the third party’s damaged property and medical bills. It is beneficial as you avoid incurring costs that would otherwise be a burden for you to carry.

Personal Injury Coverage

With personal injury insurance, you get coverage for the costs related to a car accident.  With this coverage, as a resident of Hilliard, OH, you find it easier to overcome various risk factors regardless of the side the fault falls on. This type of auto insurance covers the drivers and other passengers involved in an accident as well.

Collision Coverage

With this insurance plan, the insurer bears the repair expenses of the car after the accident. However, the premium for this auto insurance plan differs with the age, the model, and the market value of the car.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

With uninsured motorist insurance, you and your car get protection against uninsured motorists and drivers, especially in hit-and-run accidents. With the option of pairing this coverage with underinsured motorist insurance, you get better results in the end.

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