Ways to Keep Your Home Safe during Freezing Temperatures

Freezing Temperatures and your Home Insurance

Freezing temperatures in Columbus, OH can be rough on a house. There are certain things you want to do to protect yourself and prevent having to file a home insurance claim with Stanley Insurance Group.

  • Protect Pipes: Water will expand as it freezes, which is dangerous for pipes in Columbus, OH. Be sure to drain water from outdoor faucets and disconnect any outdoor hoses. Protect pipes that go through unheated areas of the home with insulation.
  • Keep the Garage Closed: This is important if your garage is attached to the home. It can keep cold air out of the home and protect any plumbing that is in the garage, as well as the hot water heater.
  • Check the Heat: Be sure to regularly change out your furnace filter to keep your heat running efficiently. Filters will get dirty quicker if you have pets, and a dirty filter will be less efficient and could be dangerous.
  • Prevent Ice Dams: Clogged gutters are the number one cause of ice dams, so be sure to keep them clean. Preventing ice dams will help make sure that when the snow later melts, it doesn’t leak through your roof or cause water damage. Install a snow and ice slide to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the roof. Add additional insulation to your attic floor and seal places that may allow warm air to leak from the home to the attic.
  • Inspect the Fireplace: A fireplace is a great way to warm up the home during freezing temperatures, but the fireplace needs to be clean, otherwise, soot and debris can catch on fire.
  • Stock Up on Cold Weather Essentials: Freezing temps can sometimes create power outages, so be prepared with generators if necessary. Be sure to remove ice by shoveling or using sand and ice melt to prevent anyone from slipping in your driveway and getting injured.

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